Mic Gold Star Award
Award given to CEO for outstanding performance and community involvement. Nominated by Philip Morris USA.
General services and our origins.
Crossplatform Design LLC was established in 1999 in RIchmond Vriginia. Since that time we have worked all over the country with a variety of clients. In 2012 our leadership won the MIC Gold Star Award and the CIty of Baltimore Maryland's Top 100 Business Award.

Vision Statement

CrossPlatform Design LLC strives to be the premier North American provider of Interactive 3D Simulations, Innovative Virtual Game Engine Based Training, Blended Learning  and Visual Solutions. 

Our Purpose

Training: Enable our clients to reduce accidents and accelerate learning, training, safety and maintenance while reducing cost substantially. Provide innovative virtual and game based blended learning methods that retain legacy worker knowledge and improve performance.

Presentation: Capture attention of your target audience with state of the art mobile visual solutions that demand attention and get results. We provide custom presentations with special F/X and advanced motion graphics that are designed especially for you. Our animations and game engine simulations are unque and have been developed through years of experience in legal settings and corporate training and development.

Creative: CrossPlatform Desiign LLC can take any concept and generate a visual solution that meets the need.

About Us

CrossPlatform Design LLC is a recognized expert in Federal Court with over ten years of experience in complex litigation visualization combined with 32 years of Fortune 500 compliance training, blended learning and evaluation. We are registered with the Defense Research Institute as qualified Experts in visualization. We broke ground in central Virginia by being the first to successfully use computer-generated animation in Circuit Court to educate jurors in a Murder trial. (Commonwealth Vs Melvin Richmond Circuit Court).
We effectively visualized a multi-million dollar project for the city of Richmond, Virginia and assisted the cities of Atlanta and Chicago from liability against million dollar lawsuits.

Finally, we recently assisted a fortune 500 company in realizing a savings of over 450 Million dollars by using our services. Our in-house Six Sigma Black Belts have industry knowledge as proffessionals with real world experience.