Trial Graphics, Trial Exhibits, Forensic Animation, Use of Force Shooting
Computer animation of use of force officer involved shootings.
Demonstrative Computer Animation: Charlotte NC Use of Force Demonstrative to simulate witness testimony
Trial Graphics and Demonstrative Animations
  • CrossPlatform Design is a leader in the utilization of Expert Demonstrative Animation of complex systems.  CrossPlatform was the first to present this type of animation in the criminal courts in the city of Richmond, VA.  Since that time we have worked with a variety of clients that have resulted in a diverse portfolio showcasing numerous projects both locally and nationally.

  • Technology – We use the latest technology to deliver dynamic results that communicate directly to audiences. By using the latest software combined with our years of expertise we have made tremendous gains for our clients.

Results – We have produced favorable results for our clients in high stakes legal cases in both Criminal and Civil cases. Our unique skills give our clients access to cutting edge technological advances that save resources and money. Also, we enable our clients to communicate complex concepts to the general public no matter what the education or age level which creates support for the total project.

Storyboard for courtroom trial
3D Storyboard used in trial in Richmond Virginia that assisted lawyers winning a case for 8 Million Dollars.